I have a deep love for the Garden State…

One month before I was born my parents decided to move to Maplewood.  I played in the parks around here, biked around town and spent summers at the pool and the library.  I was born and raised here as well as went to school here; Marshall, Jefferson, Maplewood Middle (MMS) and Columbia High (CHS) to be exact.  When I left CHS to go to the University of Connecticut for college I figured I wouldn’t really be calling Maplewood home for a while, and being young and oblivious to the way the world works, that was ok with me!

After graduating college I stayed in CT for a few years working as a Marketing, Advertising and Market Research specialist for a Corporate firm.  After a few years of working in a corporate environment in CT I got a job working in NYC, now I was spoiled in CT and had a huge apartment with large bedrooms and parking spots.  When I saw what my budget would get in the city and realized I would be living way out in Queens, I figured might as well move home for the same commute and with the space and amenities I wanted.  As an adult I fell in love with Maplewood all over again!  I have had many opportunities to move out of Maplewood since and in all honesty haven’t really wanted to move as I can’t see myself living anywhere else.

After being completely burnt out with corporate life I decided to look into doing something I have been thinking about for a while.  I decided to step into the world of real estate.  My family has had their hand in the real estate for quite some time from various members working in construction and renovations, some owning properties they rent out, some owning land to build on in the future to others who work in insurance.  I decided to get my license and try something that I have dabbled in on the side as my career.  I also decided on what better place to sell than the town that I love so much!

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